About Us

Flashback Funtiques is a family owned and operated antique store that specializes in vintage roadside relics. With over 40 years of experience, we  specialize in American Classics that epitomize the nostalgia and craftsmanship that caused us to fall in love with this business in the first place. Our founder, Billy Howard, coined the term "Funtiques" to describe these pieces that offer such an amazing glimpse of Americana over the years. We collect what we love. Gas Pumps, vintage Soda machines, arcade games, jukeboxes, slot machines, neon signs, metal signs, porcelain and tin signs, barber chairs; you name it! Everything hand made. Everything built to last.

"It’s just nostalgia and it brings memories out in people.  I love what I sell.  In fact, if I had to close down tomorrow, I’d take every single item home and just love it." - Billy Howard


Our Story 

At the age of 12, Billy Howard found his calling. After traveling with through the midwest with his family visiting farm sales, auctions, and flea markets, Billy sold his first antique and was hooked immediately. While all the other teenagers were playing sports and having fun, Billy was dumpster for roadside relics. Billy would go on to spend the remainder of his teens traveling the United States in search of anything from vintage Coca-Cola Machines to Jukeboxes to Barber Chairs, buying and selling the coolest and most unique pieces he could find. After high school, Billy continued to travel the country while working for Continental Airlines, establishing an extensive network of dealers through meeting at shows and flea markets all over the United States. In 1993, Billy’s dream of doing what he loves for a living came true when the first Flashback Funtiques store opened in Houston, Texas. The store went on to become roaring success, and is still in operation to this day, and mainstay of the community. As Flashback Funtiques’ customer base grew larger and larger, the prospect of a larger storefront began to cross Billy’s mind. Billy’s wife, Heather, had recently driven through a small town called Boerne, Texas, and absolutely fell in love with it. Heather eventually was able to convince Billy to come pay the town a visit, and sure enough upon arrival, Billy had found his new location. So Billy, Heather, and their two girls, Lily and Lila, packed up and moved down to Boerne; and in late 2011 Flashback Funtiques opened their storefront in historical mile of Main Street in the hill country of Boerne, Texas. Ever since, Flashback Funtiques has continued to put in the same passion and care that we have for almost half a century.



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